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The SteerRemote program for the remote control provides one general purpose way to send Bluetooth messages from the remote control to another NXT (other strategies are possible). A receiving program on the other NXT must be used to interpret the Bluetooth messages and take action. For example, see the SteerBTCar program from the Race Car project. Instructions to use the remote with the Race Car are below.

The first message, sent to mailbox 1, is a Number that indicates the angle in degrees of the steering wheel control (positive or negative). This message is sent continuously about 20 times per second, whether or not the steering control changes position.

The second message, sent to mailbox 2, is a Number that indicates when an NXT button is bumped (pressed and then released) as follows: 1 = Left Arrow button, 2 = Enter button, 3 = Right Arrow button. These messages are only sent when an NXT button is bumped and are only sent once for each bump.

You will need another NXT to receive the messages from the remote control and an appropriate receiving program for that NXT project. The following example instructions show how to set up an connection between the Steering Remote Control and the Race Car project.

Turning the steering wheel will steer the front wheels. The Race Car's steering motor can only steer 75 degrees in either direction (which results in less than 75 degrees of steering angle because of the gears), so the receiving program will limit the steering angle to this range and ignore extra turning of the steering wheel.

Note that you could use the Steering Remote Control to control another NXT project that can respond in any way it wants to the Bluetooth messages described in the Programming section above, so you could assign other actions to the wheel/lever and the four available buttons if you want



The universe in which this LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 unit exists is not one made for a tiny, limited cross-section of creative children and those that want to see their models move. When you see “10+” on the package for the LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3, you’re going to need to understand that this does not mean it’s excellence is relegated to kids. You’re also going to need to recognize immediately that this is not just a toy – it’s a platform.

The LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 was released last year in August, which would normally mean we’d be looking for the current year’s model to review sooner than later. LEGOs don’t work like smartphones, however, and the refresh cycle works in an entirely different way.

What you’re seeing here is a platform that’ll be allowing creative individuals of all ages to create interesting and inventive amalgamations of bricks for generations to come. There’s a LEGO MINDSTORMS community out there that allows builders to show off their unique creations – there you’ll find models with all three (main) waves of MINDSTORMS base parts.

Back in 2006, the first modern MINDSTORMS NXT unit was released. This was the first programmable robotics kit released by LEGO, followed up by the NXT Educational Version, the NTX 2.0, and the MINDSTORMS EV3. There were “robotic” LEGO predecessors to MINDSTORMS as well – all leading up to the EV3 we see today.

This Intelligent EV3 Brick is the largest piece you’ll see here in any one build, working with 6 physical buttons and an array of ports. These ports allow you to connect to your computer as well as the excellent cross-section of sensors and motors included in the box.

You also get a number of LEGO-made




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This means that the programs they produce use the same language which is interpreted by the standard firmware. One advantage is that you can have a mix of programs on the same NXT brick and it doesn't matter with what they've been originally written.

If you're interested to know more about the standard firmware and how to program it, you can download the Mindstorms Software Developer Kit. One of the interesting aspects of it is that you don't always need to create programs but you can send direct commands to the NXT as well - meaning you actual programming logic can sit on another connected device (PC, smartphone,...).

There are alternate text-based programming languages for the NXT. Three of the most popular ones are NXC/NBC, LeJOS NXJ, and RobotC. There are many more, all with their pros and cons, and are much more versatile than NXT-G, even on slow computers. I my personal favorite is NXC/NBC. But really it's up to you. The best way to see what suits your needs is to look at this table. It lists most of the pros and cons of the different programming languages. NOTE: it may be slightly out of date, but useful none the less.

C# with Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio

BricxCC, Next Byte Codes, Not eXactly C



MATLAB and Simulink



A [ port of GNAT] is available for the NXT. It relies on a dedicated run-time kernel based on the [[Ravenscar profile]], the same used on the [[Goce satellite]]: this permits to use high-level Ada features to develop concurrent and real-time systems on the MINDSTORMS NXT.

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[[URBI]] is yet another language and is a parallel and event-driven language, with interfaces to C++/Java and Matlab. It also has a component architecture (UObject) for distribution



Introducing the all New LEGOВ® MINDSTORMSВ® EV3

At Robot U we understand how important it is to have the students supplied with the best materials and enough to have maximum hands on time. Our students are set up with one education MINDSTORMS set with expansion (just like the recommended sets used by FIRST LEGO League) and a tablet computer for every 2 В students to learn with. This is the best way to insure that the students have maximum hands on time while still learning to work as part of a team.

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